About Darklove

Love bizarre and love gone wrong, and love that sings a darker song

Live music meets live storytelling in a celebration of love that is dark, deranged or just downright odd.

Sultry singer, songwriter and storyteller Justine de Mierre and the deliciously delightful poet and storyteller Suki Silvertongue bring you life and death, fear and joy, sex and murder and ravenous beasts… what more could you ask for?!

Music original and borrowed from blues to folk to rock’n’roll; stories from chilling new tales to original twists on classics, and epic poems that put a whole new adult spin on some familiar tales – all linked together with loads of laughs and the odd shiver down your spine!




Justine de Mierre is a professional storyteller, singer and songwriter with a background in interactive theatre and over twenty years experience as a performer at pubs, theatres, festivals and streets across the UK  For more information visit www.sowhatsthestory.co.uk


Suki Silvertongue is a professional storyteller and poet with  over twenty years experience as a performer in street performance, festivals and theatre across the UK For more information visit www.sukisilvertongue.co.uk 


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